Game Grumps — Best of the Worst Games: Return of the Grump

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0:00 — Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze PART 1
0:18 — Busy Scissors
5:21 — Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
11:53 — Fly In the House
19:58 — Yogi Bear
25:41 — Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
28:55 — Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town!
33:15 — I Spy: Spooky Mansion
37:26 — Robocooooop
40:13 — Domino Rally
42:58 — Bear Simulator
45:16 — Castle OF Dragon (no plural)
48:47 — Platoon
51:47 — Nickelodeon Guts (on SNES!)
55:47 — Barbie: The Island Princess
58:09 — TMNT Tournament Fighters (IT’S A JOKE!)
58:32 — Kitten Corner
1:01:13 — Sonic Boom
1:03:36 — M&M’s Beach Party
1:12:18 — Imagine Party Babyz
1:23:53 — Sonic Adventure DX
1:26:13 — BBW: A Friend For All Seasons (WHAT?!)
1:31:45 — Friday the 13th
1:33:12 — The Amazing Frog
1:38:20 — Sonic Dreams Collection(…..don’t click….just don’t….)
1:45:00 — Super Troll Island
1:47:06 — Super Bonk
1:49:08 — Goat Simulator
1:56:01 — Mario’s Preschool Party Adventures Party idfk….
2:00:54 — H2 Hollywood Squares
2:03:44 — Sonic and the Black Knight
2:46:00 — Devil’s Third
2:54:38 — END
I love you.

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43 thoughts on “Game Grumps — Best of the Worst Games: Return of the Grump

  1. Mr. Sheeb

    I know this vid is old af so no one cares, but I think all this stupid editing is insanely distracting and annoying. I think everybody out there saying "omg thank you for soooo much workkkkk omg" can go suck a fucking dick. The editing sucks, isn't funny, distracts from the actual comedy of my dads, and is borderline offensive. Princess peach I hope you never make another montage again and you fade back into the obscurity you richly deserve. Stupid bitch. Suck me. Thoroughly earned my dislike.

  2. senseisleepyhead

    Just found your channel through an old-ish Game Grumps video (Dead Rising 2: Batting Practice — PART 4). I was watching the DR2 playlist for the first time because they suddenly just added to it yesterday, and I saw your comment on the old Part 4 from almost a year ago, and I noticed that others were replying to your comment with their own comments about your great compilations, so I ended up here and I am frigging LOVING your GG compilation videos. Thanks for making and uploading these!

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