Flash Wolves vs Kingzone DragonX | Game 4 Semi Finals LoL MSI 2018 | FW vs KZ G4

KZ vs FW semi final game 4 2018 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational Main Tournament lol Kingzone DragonX — Flash Wolves. MSI 2018 KZ vs FW Semi Final G4 VOD.
2018 MSI Semi Finals & Finals full playlist: https://goo.gl/VX4exc
League of Legends Season 8 Mid-Season Invitational in Paris, France.
Fourth game of the day — Flash Wolves vs Kingzone DragonX vs best of 5 game 4. FW vs KZ G4.

Flash Wolves Line-up:
Top — Hanabi Vladimir
Jungle — Moojin Olaf
Mid — Maple Galio
ADC — Betty Xayah
Support — SwordArt Rakan

Kingzone DragonX Line-up:
Khan — Top Cho’Gath
Peanut — Jungle Trundle
Bdd — Mid Taliyah
PraY — ADC Ezreal
Gorilla — Support Morgana

Patch: 8.8 — Season 8
Game date: 19.05.2018 | 05/19/2018 | May 19th 2018
Game place: Paris, France
Casters: Kobe, Papasmithy and Phreak

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15 thoughts on “Flash Wolves vs Kingzone DragonX | Game 4 Semi Finals LoL MSI 2018 | FW vs KZ G4

  1. Yeshua Dean

    I just think its a bad joke when all these NA and EU teams are like "this roster is for worlds" Fuck your roster put in the hours and time, that is litterally the only reason why foreigners have little to no success, im from NA and i root for korea every game idec what team it is, id rather root anyday for a korean team then a western team, i know this was a really competive msi , but lets be honest , flashwolves were looking like the tournament favorites and still get a gentlemens sweep smfh , koreans are just out working everyone

  2. Yeshua Dean

    Not even close idek why they line the international communities up to play the koreans anymore, year in and year koreans prove they have a better system from top to bottom, and they work way harder then any westerners, it isnt luck that koreans win every year they just work way harder

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