Fart Spray Prank on Suburban_Prince (HE PUKES!)

Let me know what prank I should pull on him next. My bad bro! LOL

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41 thoughts on “Fart Spray Prank on Suburban_Prince (HE PUKES!)

  1. Natalie Razek

    YOO!! I have the same spray!! I pranked my brothers😂 I got it from a mall and it had a store called Spencer's and I got that!! And I sprayed it at this store at the mall and everyone passed by like wth is that smellllll???!!!! And my cousins were with me dying😂😂 and my mom came and she smelt it and said "dammmmm someone took a huge crap in there pants😂😂!!! And one person said u should took it to the bathroom not here😂😂😂😂 yoooo I will never forget that day with my cousinss😂😂😂😂 oh and I spelt it! It smells like rotten eggs with diarrhea with old mouldy hot sauce

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