Drunk Off Liquor Chocolates

Prank victims in a parking lot are asked to sample hard liquor chocolates at an outdoor stand. The delicious bonbons are filled with rum, brandy, vodka and porto. A police officer spots them from across the street and asks them to pass an alcohol test. When the breathalizer shows they are over the legal blood alcohol limit, the cop chastises these so-called alcoholics for even thinking about drinking and driving! Then, confiscates their car keys so they won’t drive drunk.

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36 thoughts on “Drunk Off Liquor Chocolates

  1. Аноним

    Looks like this one was hard to pull off. Didn't see many people fall for it. Two only sat down. I assume the rest didn't put up with it. Thanks for working so hard guys. We love you <3 Oh yeah. Something, something, Danger Zone!

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