Death of a Game: Paragon

Paragon unfortunately wasn’t a «paragon».

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28 thoughts on “Death of a Game: Paragon

  1. Dialask Isel

    What an unusual story… It didn't sound like it was a product that was all that close to collapsing, even despite the backlash to all of its changes. 300k concurrent players isn't something to sneeze at. It really shouldn't have been all that hard to turn things around by throwing a bone to the community. I have to agree, something smells fishy about it all…

  2. Naeveo

    I remember playing this game way back during the first Open Beta basically on a whim because it was free on the PS Store. Saying it was confusing and long was spot-on in those early days, especially because I had never played a MOBA before that point. Matches could last 50 minutes and then a dumb mistake in the late-game meant losing the entire game because of strong minions were and the map size. It was incredibly frustrating. I was probably one of the few people that liked the Monolith update because it went a lot of ways to explain how to play the game (except for its complicated Jungle system). However, slowly, it just became not fun. Everything just felt either too fast or too slow or too weak or too powerful. And the designs of certain characters just became stranger and stranger.

    It's a shame because I do think it had something, but it was too frustrating to play and the grind felt impossible.

  3. FriezaReturns00001 - Non-Popular Gaming

    Honestly? I'm sick of this saturation of MOBAs, we didn't need another fucking MOBA, we just wanted Epic Games to fucking finish Unreal Tournament 4 (which has been incomplete since the several abandon iterations in alpha). My god do your fucking job. -_-

    It's like they abandon what they were previous working on to start working on another. IMO I feel like there is some serious irresponsibility+neglect (dev, marketers, and the ones who took over aka Tencent) and Paragon was just that.

  4. Cthulhu Dawn R'lyeh

    Great video as always man, well done. Long time player of Paragon here, since early access days and I have to say I still rank it as my fave MOBA ever. The original map design, the awesome character design and the awesome sense of weight the combat had a e just a few highlights. Saying that the issues you raised are spot on as I saw it first hand sadly, used to play everyday when I could but REFUSED to pay for cards and gems, grinded it out and it was as tedious as it sounds. Couple that with the fact that here in Australia on the oceanic servers PvP was virtually non existent outside of organised scrims from within Discord groups etc. Most of my time at the end was spent playing PvE, which when queued for would pop instantly but PvP you could wait 2+hrs or more. One of my mains was Countess and I was literally a day or two away from reaching mastery rank 10 when the game shut down, that's how slow it could be (Also I would fill any role that other players wouldn't take so I couldn't always play her) By the end a lot of the players just had no idea what they were doing you would have a whole team of carrys or a whole team of mid landers then they would all be in the same lane.. It was just a train wreck sadly. The card system became a HUGE issue and you hit the nail on the head that it turned people off the game. Alas, was truly saddened it ended this way though I am very keen to see what Phoenix Rising and some of the other projects can do with the assets. I just want to play Paragon with a decent community as I still think after all it's issues it has the potential to rival LoL, Smite and any other MOBA. Again, great video mate, thoroughly enjoyed it 👍👌

  5. Rusty Cog

    I beleive that they realized, that they made the game too simple, and moved too far away from it's moba roots hence "we see no clear path to grow paragon into a moba…" — they acknowledged that they made the game so much like an arena shooter that it needed to be "grown" back into a moba again to sustain and please the audience. to little — to late, I suppose.

  6. NiGHTSnoob

    I always see people trying to justify why Paragon failed for one reason or another, but nobody ever talks about the biggest and most obvious reason, it wasn't fun. The impact from hitting or being hit felt soft and imprecise, a problem that plagued the UT games compared to Quake back in the day, and it just didn't feel very good to control everything was floaty. Which isn't a big deal in a top down MOBA, or even SMITE to an extent, but when you're entire claim to fame is being "Like a shooter" it's a huge issue. On top of that the map was too big so they added a mobility mode, but that caused problems by making ganking too powerful so they took it out and shrunk the map, which caused more problems because at the end of the day the mobility mode was fun and strategic so it upset the fanbase.

    The card system was absolutely atrocious making the game feel pay to win and also making loadouts something you had to decide on before the match giving you very little freedom to adapt to opponents on the spot and basically only letting you change around the order you got your items with maybe one situational pickup. It's the problem League has been struggling with for years where players basically always go the exact same build every game regardless of circumstances, except it was forced upon you by the game mechanics making it far more egregious of a problem.

    Top that off with them trying to completely overhaul the map and most of the game at least 3 different times from what I can remember within just a few years, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

  7. cr pk

    i love your videos. They are like classes on games history. Im studying concept art in one of the best design schools in the world, some of our teachers worked in many of the projects you mention. It`s so cool to hear you talking while im doing my assignment and you mention a game or studio that the professor that gave me the assignment was involved with. Its some inception shit

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