Crazy TV Pranks. Erotic Compilation

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Crazy TV Pranks is a collection of pranks, funny jokes, social experiment, public pranks, funny videos, practical jokes and sexy pranks with naked girls. Just Pure Crazy Funny Jokes and Gags! Videos are shocking, amazing, and so funny you’ll laugh till you leak!

If you like your TV with a side of insanity, you’ll be absolutely mad for CRAZY TV PRANKS! These videos catch people unknowingly participating in hilarious public pranks and social experiment with naked hot girls! Don’t miss the next Funny Video Prank!

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  1. evolution rhythm

    Gorgeous looking women 🙂 .So men like to look at breasts. I wonder why that is?. Maybe something to do with sexual attraction. Of coarse it's completely natural and normal to be attracted and desire other adults. So what has gone wrong with the religions?why do they try to repress what’s normal?. Maybe repressing peoples natural desires could make them frustrated which in some case's could make them violent. Maybe having less sexually repressed adults in society would make society’s more peaceful. Though the evidence clearly shows (popular tv and films) most society’s are more "comfortable" watching scenes of violence than they are even watching sexual scenes. Indoctrination and repression are part of the problem.Liberal free thinking society’s (plus resource wealthy) the solution.

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