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On our Brave Fencer Musashi review we have our first guest of New Game Plus with Norm the Gaming Historian! Now though this game isn’t completely unknown, Brave Fencer Musashi tried a lot of new things on the PS1 and I’m really excited to play it and learn more about it with Norm the Gaming Historian.

Check out Norm The Gaming Historian on his channel for video game history, retro games, and indie retro games!


Jirard the Histortionist here. Did you know that Sony is just the Japanese Microsoft? And that pixels were invented by mistake when bits of computer chip got into the screen? And that’s how we got video games. Isn’t video game history fascinating? Enough of that DBZ fusion, let’s split back into Jirard the Completionist and Norm the Gaming Historian to complete and learn more about the history of Brave Fencer Musashi. Most people became aware of this game because it was included on a PS1 demo disc. This game proved that Square could make games that didn’t rely on turn-based RPGs like the Final Fantasies that people were familiar with.

Let me know what you thought about our Brave Fencer Musashi review!

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26 thoughts on “Brave Fencer Musashi | The Completionist | New Game Plus

  1. DjinntoTonic

    Hmm… I quite like this dynamic! Jirard has been needing a partner to bounce off of, and I think I much prefer this combo. Jirard gets to be the more goofy one to Historian's dry informative straight man, instead of Jirard's usual 'put upon' character. It made the whole review a little more informative as a whole and Jirard's fun side really got to shine. And no one had to be fake-abused! Hope to see more guests like this!

  2. Moon'sDeity

    Oh god the 2D tree sprites in a 3D space. That was used in Okami as well! I made a point on my review how Okami kept the 2D look of sumi-e art by using that technique, I guess Brave Fencer Musashi did it first eh? Some of my favorites sure share some very particular stuffs!

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