BODYGUARD EXPERIMENT — Famous Prank — Top Pranks — Pranks On Public

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48 thoughts on “BODYGUARD EXPERIMENT — Famous Prank — Top Pranks — Pranks On Public

  1. Xenon Robinson

    Still at it, you guys never learn until run into the deal guys who will end you. You've been warned for the last time. Terrorism is a serious thing now it's life and death. Play with lives is just reckless behavior and you end up in jail on A 4912 if your reported. Enough is enough it's really insulting to actually Specialist who actually risk their lives while idiots joke about it. Stop this nonsense before it's too late,.

  2. Xenon Robinson

    I am a real Executive protection Specialist, and believe me if you keep that up you'll end up in deep shit By the way the Correct term is Executive Protection Specialist. If you keep that up you will end up in a pine box. The dangers are real I should know I protect people all the time.

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