Board Game Breakfast — Picking Favorites

Tom Vasel takes a look at the news of the week, joined by a host of board game experts!

Show Notes
0:20 — Intro
0:53 — Board Game News
3:19 — Kickstarter News
8:21 — Wargaming News
10:38 — Dice Tower Productions
11:40 — Rhino Says Yes
14:06 — Mega Meeple
16:06 — Applied Mechanics
18:38 — Solo Mode
20:37 — The Theme Is…
22:38 — Tom Thinks (Picking Favorites)
25:08 — Play Like a Girl
27:32 — Thrift Store Throwbacks
30:04 — Gaming with the People
31:04 — The Pitch
33:34 — Dan & Cora
35:58 — Dead Last
37:42 — Final Thoughts

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20 thoughts on “Board Game Breakfast — Picking Favorites

  1. Clumsy Dad

    Iceland? Cool … but how am I supposed to choose between chalk and tic tac toe ?? I love them both so !! ?? /-:

    Rogue Camels ?? … another sign that the apocalypse must be nigh !!

    Tom Thinks – I think you pretty much explained it and can assess it by time. Whatever games you are spending the most time playing, whether
    that is one game for 4 hours or a 30 minute game 8 times, than those are both equally favorites.

    Play Like a Girl — Well Done!! great name (-:

  2. Adam Anderson

    @tom thinks , your struggle this episode is the “of all time” aspect. You should consider that a game experience is not in a box but at a table, and everything about that table shifts the value of a game, the atmosphere, people, time, context. The best “of all time” should reflect the games that are most resilient to those variables. Is a game only great with veteran players? Only great at one player count? Only good at conventions? Use that info to weight the potential to play the game in the future. This is why some of my favorite game experiences are of game I never intend to own. Because I don’t see myself getting to that experience again for any number of reasons, and because of that it would not make a best “of all time”.

  3. Armstrong Hawkins

    Question for Q&A: We have awards for Books, Movies, Television and even board games! Why the proverbial eye-roll over recognition/awards for Toys? Genuinely interested. Toy Hall of Fame "ridiculous"? How is it any different than coming up with a Top 10 Most Essential or Most Influential Board Games? It's a deep, deep well to explore…and once you got past the ancient obvious (ball, doll, etc), a really interesting (surprising) topic.

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