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Blind couple has some difficulty hiding their hot behinds when trying to change at the water park.

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48 thoughts on “Blind Couple Change Room

  1. Juan Carlos Moyetones Hidalgo

    jejeje I will answer your question, the actor pranker is Denis Levasseur with the naked yummy butts, he's the main actor of this show JFL, he's Canadian jejeje he's very funny and there's a lots of funny videos pranks where Denis likes so much shows his butts because he knows that his butts are so yummy to the peolple that enjoy his show!!! he's great!!!

  2. Kary_otn

    Asi deberian de reirse esas mujeres estupidas que igual usan esas mismas prendas a lo alacalufe, o hilo dental. Se rien de la broma, pero no se acuerdan que ellas (afortunadamente no todas las mujeres, pero sí unas cuantas tontonas sin dignidad ni sentido del honor ni del pudor) hacen lo mismo.

    Menos mal parece que las chicas de Canada sí son mas inteligentes y usan bikini normal, no del que es hilo dental. He visto mas videos de JFL y al menos allí las chicas sí saben pensar mejor.

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