Betrayal is Coming! | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Winterfell Breakdown

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Winterfell is here and Betrayal is coming! In this video I will be doing a breakdown of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Winterfell. I could tell right off the jump Betrayal was coming, I mean the main cast did tease Season 8 was full of Betrayal but Lyana Mormont is seeming like Olly , Sansa and Bran seem to not like Daenerys! But anyway there were tons of Reunions in Episode 1 The Hound and Arya, Gendry and Arya, Jon and Arya, Tyrion and Sansa, Bran and Jon. Bran just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Stay tuned for my game of thrones season 8 winterfell breakdown and analysis!
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44 thoughts on “Betrayal is Coming! | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Winterfell Breakdown

  1. TibTV

    I don't know, Gray. I felt a big parallel to the books when Sam was asking Jon if Dany would give up her crown for the people. I'm sure you know, in the books she gets a crown in Qarth and multiple times she refuses to sell that crown to better her position and help her people.

    I hope i'm just connecting dots that don't need to be connected, but i've just got this feeling she isn't going to just decide to "bend" to Jon.

  2. Jeff Hutson

    About your Cersie pregnancy theory. Do you remember at the time when Cersie was announcing she was pregnant, Qyburn asked her if the tonic he gave her was alleviating the symptoms she was experiencing??? What Symptoms?? Perhaps symptoms that occur with the onset of menopause???? She is of that age. No one seems to even hint that Cersie mistook her loss of cycle to being pregnant, and is now already aware that she was never pregnant, and can Never have anymore children, which would explain her response. Just a theory, but to me makes more sense than anything else I have heard from any of these theory/breakdown video's

  3. RsM Campbell

    I've never like Daenerys. She has always felt very "mad kingish" to me, so I'm not sure why everyone loves Danny. Everything she has aquired has been with blood magic. Everything. She paid for those dragon's with her baby, the witch, and her khal. All of her titles were taken from dead men in her life: queen from her brother, khaleesi from khal droggo….. she's just always seemed like a psycho: "kneel to me or die" and she is not loved, esp, after decimating House Tarly, an old noble house.

  4. MosMoneyENT

    If Bran stares at you like he did with Tyrion and Jamie you're most likely in trouble. Once Bran told Sam "I'm waiting for a friend" I was like Uh Oh lol. Episode 1 was tense. And My heart goes out to Sam I know that news broke his heart especially when Dany told him she killed her brother as well. Arya and Gendry was 💯. I need me a lady thats going to look back at me like she did with Gendry lol.

  5. Jennifer Sowle

    There were some cheesy parts and the scene when Jon rode a dragon was super like, wtf? Why did no one care that Jon was able to ride a dragon? I thought that was weird. I liked some parts, but hated other parts. It’s like they didn’t care as much. And where the hell is ghost? I’m mad about that too!

  6. Gavo Morg

    I really can't take to "show "euron his characters fucking sucks man every thing he says just annoys me!!Grr Martin brought us an unbelievably wicked character to light and D and D bring this guy to the screen and they've fucked it right up pls ,pla pls someone kill this muthafucka

  7. Jimbezze

    After last night I now believe Danny will die giving birth. The symbols left with little Ned is another attempt to communicate with by NK. Going back to the prologue. I’ve come to believe he’s trying to remind the north what they forgot. The pack had a promise. A promise of a prince to be given to the NK. Jon and Danny’s baby is the prince that was promised to the NK

  8. Barbara Bezubka

    Gray — 1 000 000 Procent Credit for this break down. I was left so confused after watching this episode. The play of actors — amazing…The dialogues — not suitable. This episode schould be more in other climate. Ive loved 50 procent of the scenes and 50 Ive hated. Where is Ghost? Has Jaimie brought Edmure? — I gues not… And Tyrion is going down… this episode foreshadowed or better made me believe in the leaks Ive never want to believe. I've loved his character so much and this same feeling about Bran — What is his deal with Danny? 4 dragons = 2 dragons + Deanereys & Aegon?, 4 dragons = Aegon & Denerys + 2 children? — Fantasy 😀

  9. ILoveMusic

    Two years waiting and this is what we got? Very disappointed. Not the quality I expected in writing or characters. That Varys/Tyrion exchange in the carriage wasn't funny or clever and totally unnecessary to the story. It showed substandard level writing. I expected so much more quality.

  10. Anne231154

    About the spiral, I kept thinking "I should know what this means". The spiral appears a lot on Native American art (mainly inscribed), from the South West. George Martin lives in Santa Fe New Mexico. I know I met him there a long time ago. As far as I can determine in this context the spiral represents either a journey to the Otherworlds and back, or resurrection. Thanks for the vid 🙂

  11. katk925

    I also think every who is thinking the dragon riding scene was fan service throw away missed the Big foreshadowing. Jon shows Dany the North and she says “we could stay here a thousand years and no one would ever find us.” “We would be pretty old.” They are gonna go north as NK and NQ.

  12. T Jean

    Alright so Sansa does have a point about the food. Yes they need the army to win but if they win and have a lack of food or the dragons eat too many livestock then many more will die from starvation after winning against the walkers. They both have good points, but Dany has shown before she doesn't really restrict her dragons food supply and it has fucked her people over before.

  13. Blinkies Blurbs

    I don't know that I think Branwas being harsh towards Dany. I think he was referring more to the cordial political pleasantries… or not so pleasant. This game Sansa and Dany were starting to take part in. Like enough BS you two… the deadare coming and they h e a dragon, let's focus on important things not who is more important.

  14. Spartacus FPV

    I really liked the episode. But the dragon flight and many of the reunions seemed rushed. Kind of like how predictable last season was, as if they were just going through the motions. The northern outrage is really tiresome, like people being concerned about using a coaster with their drink while a house is on fire. The night king cometh, who gives a fuck about there being a king in the north amirite?

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