BEST OF Game Grumps — June 2017

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46 thoughts on “BEST OF Game Grumps — June 2017

  1. MiniMurph-360

    Hey i had an idea. Since The Last of Us 2 is coming out (eventually) they should play the first game i know Danny would love it and theres more gameplay in it than Uncharted and we all know how Arin feels about that game. Up-voting would be much appreciated as there might be a small chance they see this (hopefully) 😉

  2. chihuahuasarecute123

    I love you guys so much! I had a major emotional crisis when I turned 18 because of health issues. It really fucked me up and I could hardly sleep without crying or feeling upset. Usually I'd turn on your videos to calm me into sleep because your voices sounded so consoling and calm. Now I'm 19 and I'm feeling much better! I also love your deep moments where you guys talk about mental health and life stories. Stay awesome you guys.

  3. Jack

    It has been a pleasure to watch this YouTube channel alongside you. America rulz! Id also like to say that Canada is pretty cool given the right circumstances. Anyway, I hope youre all having a great day. My son loves this YouTube channel

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