Atomic Society ◀ HANG THE VEGETARIANS! ▶ (New Strategy Game 2018)

Atomic Society is a post-apocalyptic town/city building game where you must set the laws and decide how society should be run.

​Rule a large settlement that can keep hundreds of survivors alive in a harsh wasteland. Expand carefully and overcome challenges from a dangerous and desolate world. Decide what laws and values your town will have. Create a society that others will admire or dread.

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Skyes PC Spec
CPU: Intel i7-4790k @4.4 GHz


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24 thoughts on “Atomic Society ◀ HANG THE VEGETARIANS! ▶ (New Strategy Game 2018)

  1. Damien Granz

    I understand the whole want to make some morality system, but the optics of like "Oooh, transgender and gay people are a draaaain on society, can we survive this??", like is pretty shitty. The same with vegetarians; like meat without the insane subsidies that ranchers and the like get, is way more expensive to maintain than pretty much any agriculture. And I'm saying this as a person who actively has dietary needs and health problems that require meat.

  2. Damien Granz

    This would be less 'bleak' if people didn't die in basically a single afternoon from unavoidable factors. Like you can make everything 'bleak' if a meteor just mashes into it 30 minutes in.

    I know it says 'Week 5' but it apparently took 5 weeks to walk forty feet to a brick structure and then to dub it officially the storehouse, so that's no excuse either. Like you can't 1:1 an illness timer from a wikipedia page on "How Fast Does Cholera Kill" and then 23432:1 the speed of walking.

    Anyways, sorry. I don't mean to complain. It's just a bit much.

  3. wreckcelsior

    31:15 "NEWS" on yer left..
    "Some citizens find the sight of a Punishment Center is draining their morale, and wish it were further away"…

    I would have thought it would morale boost , so obviously those with a morale drain are complete psychopaths, with a little boo-hoo in their murderous plans.

    interesting game…now I'm off to die from diarrhea suicide murder.

    cheers for the vid mate…

  4. OneLeather Boot

    Across many histories there has been migrations of bands of people. Some freely, others forced.

    Names like "The trail of tears", "The Bataan death March", The Israelites fleeing the Pharoah.

    In this episode it is the "Trail of Diarrhea". Which should make it easier for any stragglers to find which way your people went. If they can survive the 20 day trek.

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