Asmongold Reacts to «Azeroth — a World of Warcraft Song Parody of Africa by Toto»

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19 thoughts on “Asmongold Reacts to «Azeroth — a World of Warcraft Song Parody of Africa by Toto»


    Leave it to people on the internet to make something fun in nature and try to make something negative of it. Literally a Parody song about Asmod, his guild, and his friends playing a computer game and some how someone brings race in to the picture. Idiots.

  2. Cosmin Xxx

    c stone is so uncultured he can't tell a real song from a friendly pamflet.a thing is good by the efficiency it serves it's purpose.he liked it so it served it's purpose very it's good.on the other hand Africa by Toto is probably one of most racist nazi song ever made trying to be art(music) so it failed badly it's purpose.the only reason ppl liked it is cause 99% of them dont listen to it didnt serve it's purpose as a song ,it was nazi yea,not sure who is more uncultured…anyway, congrats Asmon for having good friends that actually take some of their time for this are ugly skinny most not-sexy beard and face ever but you are likeable and do very good content.keep it up(thats what she said)

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