Arin Wikipedias Himself — PART 3 — Game Grump

Arin concludes in this one.
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25 thoughts on “Arin Wikipedias Himself — PART 3 — Game Grump

  1. Madison Alice Greco

    Arin, honey, as someone with Crohn's please stay the fuck away from spicy shit if you value keeping your intestines. Last year I had to have 6" of my intestine removed due to Crohn's complications from diet, so please please please keep your body away from shit like that. Love you, don't injure yourself

  2. Lukethefox

    It is interesting to hear about Arin's Voiceover work. I'm a bit of a Voice Actor myself, although I'm not in anything major yet. I mostly voice characters in web animations made by animators Roger Weide (known for his Sonic in minutes & Kingdumb Hearts animations) & Frobman (known for his 'In Brief' animations) and currently in an ongoing webseries with Roger as well. I've also done some comic dubs and online audiobooks as well. I'm also going to be in an animated webseries based on the original N64 concept of 'Dinosaur Planet' before it was retooled as 'Starfox Adventures' but development is slow on it at the moment, but i hope it'll be successful. And I hope one day i'll make it like Arin. Let me know if any of you did any voiceover stuff as well.

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