Anthem — NEW Information breakdown – How can you still doubt the game?

Bioware have taken us on a rollarcoaster with Anthem. People have doubted it, came back and gave it the action game of e3 award, hated on it again, and loved it again. I have openly stated in four separate videos that Anthem will be a game to watch out for, and today I have further proof.

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19 thoughts on “Anthem — NEW Information breakdown – How can you still doubt the game?

  1. R.E.Z

    Well because EA BIOWARE. Andromeda left a bad taste in people’s mouths. Also when you see people make comments like “ Era of Harassment “ doesn’t bode well either. They can’t be trusted, nor have we been given any reason to trust them. In this “Era of Video Games” its ok tp be skeptical until the game actually comes out. Now the situation would be slightly different for someone like CD PROJEKT RED, who have a much better track record. Also its an EA game thats needs you to be online, to even play the game. Which is just another BAD OMEN.

  2. boxhead6177

    1) Game was earlier sold as a Destiny competitor, its not a persistant or share game experience from start to end, its just shared 4 party missions… its not innovative to warrant the hype they expect.
    2) Its 7 months out, and most of their E3 display was still concept art… and the demo didn't show much more than its initial trailer release last year. Did it feel like a years progress, it should be finalised by now with internal testing being in full swing and additional content being developed. It should of been able to show a lot more in the E3 before release.
    3) Last time Bioware went all in with EA on a game, they created SWTOR… it nearly killed Bioware, resulted in mass restructure, and rolling the game back 6 months to add free-2-play in less than 12 months.
    4) Bioware made EA addicted to Loot Boxes, Bioware told them it was okay to add loot boxes to Star Wars, Bioware is therefore responsible for EAs arrogance.
    5) This was the E3 demo that all the media saw, it didn't make many top 10 lists of best in show, there are games coming out the same time that showed way more (February 2018 is a busy game launch window)… there were games not coming out in years that made people wet themselves (Cyberpunk was pretty much #1 in show and its 2-3 years away). This made journalists go "Okay! Its a game" and didn't leave a lasting impression on many journalists.

  3. Oliver3168Large

    why are people worried about anthem?
    EA are known for bad habits and greedy tactics
    having something that sounds too good to be true ,usually is.

    concerned EA is pulling a bait then switch, hypeing the game then on release lot of feaures advertised are not in the game and the exscuse is "engine limitations" or some other reason.

    see lionheads "fable" franchise. promissing features then cutting them out last moment only to add them later in sequels or dlc.

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