3 Horrible Pranks

When we prank someone, we go too far. Good Mythical Morning Season 2 Episode 42! COMMENT: What is the most heinous prank you’ve ever pulled? SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: http://bit.ly/subrl2 ****

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46 thoughts on “3 Horrible Pranks


    One time some kids pranked my teacher by making it seem like his mouse was broken but they just put a sticky note on the bottom. He found out, and pretended that it needed to be taken away to be fixed. He said it cost $5000 to fix it. They really believed it until he told them he pranked them back

  2. Siren Animations

    Not really a prank so much as a trick but my little step cousin and I had a head cannon to see who most the most like Harley Quinn (because logic and reasoning) so at a family reunion she had my other cousin's iPad and was playing on it so being the great person I am I snuck up on her. She begged me not to tell him and if I did she would tell my mom something bad I "did" ( mom if you are reading this post I didn't ). So I asked what she would tell my mom she stood silent for a moment then said
    "You keep saying you're a better Harley than me."
    "And who is a blond?"
    "Who is slightly more insane?"
    "Who is taller?"
    "You." And I kid you not she continued on to say "And who is more pretty? You." As she walked away dissatisfied I mumbled,
    "Who would be a better psychiatrist? Me." Sadly she heard that. Haven't argued about that since.

  3. NoeyK

    When my cousin was little, these girls would always bully her and take her candy from her lunchbox. So, my Uncle decided to put an end to it. He made fake candies that looked like the real thing using Habanero peppers. The girls never took Abby's candy again.

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