13 Photos You Really Have To Look At To Understand

These are 13 optical illusions that have created some of the most bizarre and unbelievable images that will make you look twice!

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8. The Woman without a Torso
At first glance, it seems like this woman is holding up a hoop that makes her torso invisible. What’s really going on is simple: she’s holding up a mirror! The reflection you see is the grass in front of her and it was placed at the perfect angle to make it line up with the tree line behind her. It’s hard to say if this is a whimsical shot or if it’s meant to be a commentary on something far deeper, but either way, it’s cool to look at!

7. Vomiting a Waterfall
It takes a real friend to hold your hair back when you’re getting sick, especially if it feels like a waterfall! It looks like this woman is vomiting a real life waterfall, but her mouth is just lined up with the start of the falls. It takes a real sense of humor to make it seem like you’re vomiting uncontrollably, and this one sure elicits a chuckle!

6. Watery Wedding Dress
Creative wedding pictures are all the rage, and this one takes the cake! This bride isn’t really wearing the ocean water as her dress; she’s actually wearing a full gown and veil that just so happen to be blending in with the water around her. The tide is coming in and foaming up to mimic the ruffles on her dress and there are little sparkles of light near her head to make this image truly magical− and worthy of a second glance!

5. Lightsaber?
We all wish we could hold a lightsaber, but unfortunately, science hasn’t made that leap yet. So you may be asking, “How is that little boy holding one?” Well, he isn’t. It just so happens that his pony was passing in front of a slightly open door at just the moment this picture was taken. His hand on the reign is right at the base of the crack, making it look like he’s wielding a sword of light. “The force is strong with this one,” but only because of camera trickery.

4. He’s Eating My Hand!
Dogs certainly do like meat, but this pup isn’t really chomping on his owner’s hand. Maybe he’s sleepy, maybe he just needed to stretch his jaw, but the big yawn he’s letting loose is really just a yawn. The woman is scratching what appears to be his other ear, so rest assured, he’s not biting the hand that feeds him.

3. What is Touching that Baby?
Babies have no shame when it comes to going “number two,” but that doesn’t mean adults can put their rear end near a baby’s face! Why does the baby’s mom look so calm? On the other hand, that’s actually just a loving dad planting a smooch on his baby’s cheek. His shaved head and the angle of his ear touching his shoulder look like a caboose, but rest assured it’s really a head!

2. Legless Cat
This freaky looking cat appears to be popping its head out to ask, “Did you call my name?” It may look like a serpent-like body with no legs, but this fun little feline’s front paws are just hidden behind the scratching tower, and its back legs are stuck in the hole it’s poking out of.

Bigfoot Baby
A little baby with really big feet is definitely something to laugh at! The cheesy grin this little guy is sporting spreads the joy he’s feeling, but his feet actually aren’t this big. He’s having some tummy time and is nestled in between his papa’s legs, so while it looks as if this baby is Sasquatch in human form, it’s a normal little tyke.


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21 thoughts on “13 Photos You Really Have To Look At To Understand

  1. Kim Murry

    I can't believe that anyone would waste film or $$$ or time on irrelevant things such as Heroes that are clearly stupid, can't act & you can clearly see that they're trying too hard to act and some are clearly reading, sound like they're rehearsing their stupid! lines or stupid scripts and most of all you balling up your fist
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    so what you don't seem to have missed any meals,an education that you clearly did not take advantage or probably the initiative in learning more than things than you did and you're still so immature for a grown man that waste time on
    non other than yourself,and trying to be
    an actor acting in your
    own pitiful roles! i believe
    that you are in desperate need of a shrink! you are delusional,angry,self absorbed,narcissistic,bi-polar or hv a personality disorder, demented, gluttonous,borderline obese,sloppy with your
    hygiene and the sad fact
    is that you are just goin to wish that u could find out who i am etc just so that you might want to get back at me some how

  2. Cadmus Curtis

    I'm so glad that he explains everything, because I really would have thought that was a cat serpent, I never would have thought his legs were behind the post. You know, the post that is obviously in front of his legs…sorry to sound like a piss ant but I cannot finish watching this video after that…

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